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Coverage - what we do:

1) We assure you that we never take more than one wedding on any given weekend. Rushing between two events would guarantee failure to get the best coverage possible.

2) Provide complimentary attendance of the rehearsal which allows the members of the wedding party to become comfortable with the photographer . . . and vice versa. Everyone understands what to expect at the wedding and the result is a more relaxed, better prepared coverage.

3) Attend and cover the bride's preparation approximately 1 hour before leaving for the ceremony. Please allow approximately 30 minutes for the photography at this location.

4) Attend and cover the ceremony, beginning with pictures of the groom, best man and his attendants. Coverage during the ceremony will be as discussed during the rehearsal with the bride, groom and wedding officiate (priest, minister, pastor, etc.).

5) Take formal portraits at a nearby park OR in the church after the guests have dispersed, according to the wishes of the bride and groom, or as weather permits. Please allow minimum 1-1/2 hours of photography time. This is best done without the guests present, but would include the bride, groom, family members and bridal party.

6) At the reception, photograph the excitement of the celebration including the cutting of the cake, the toasts, the 1st dance, and the other highlight events, as well as pictures at all the tables of guests.

7) Take an unlimited number of photographs to ensure that all of the romance and excitement, as well as the emotion and fun of your special day are captured. This is truly FULL coverage !

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