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Frequently asked questions

What do you include in your packages ?

Click on "What you get" at the bottom of this page.

Do you have a contract ?

Yes, and you can see a copy of it by clicking here.

Are you a licensed business ?

Yes. We work out of Coquitlam and have been registered and licensed by the City of Coquitlam for quite a number of years now.

Do you charge taxes ?

No . . . but like most reputable businesses, we do collect them for the Provincial and Federal governments. 12% HST

Do you make slide shows ?

As a matter of fact that is one of our specialties. You can see one right now by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page . . . enjoy !

Do we need to make a deposit?

Yes . . . to book your special date we require a deposit . . . usually 50% of the package you wish to have.

Why should we hire a professional and pay more than that for which we can get a good amateur ?

I can appreciate having to stick to a budget.

 Although I hear you being concerned about price, I feel that you are really looking for value. Hiring a "photographer" with little or no experience can be disastrous for someone who is really concerned about capturing the memories for the most important day of their lives.

  Because digital single lens reflex cameras have become so cheap on the market today, many people who buy them begin to think they are capable of handling one of the most difficult photographic assignments that exists . . . the wedding.

 Few assignments have the time restrictions, the multiple "one chance only" shots, or the diverse lighting situations created by the multiple venues of the average wedding. Many amateurs can take splendid photographs under ideal conditions, but fail miserably when a situation comes that gives them no time for trial shots and technical research. Some of this is due to lack of experience and know-how, some is the lack of specialized equipment necessary for wedding photography.

  If it was my wedding, I would rather have less coverage but great results instead of longer coverage and questionable results. Kind of like a small tenderloin steak instead of a large hamburger !

 Don't forget . . . long after the food is eaten, the dress cleaned and put away, the flowers have died and been discarded, the tux has been returned . . . the pictures, and even better, an album, is the first piece of heritage that you create for future generations.

How much editing do you do on our pictures before we get them ?

All images are colour balanced, professionally cropped and simple retouching done making them ready for you to order finished prints from your preferred source. Things like "exit" signs at receptions and others that would ruin an otherwise great shot are removed. Some are stylized in black and white, sepia tone and colour "splashed" so that you can see the effect. If you wish any others given the same treatment we are happy to do it at no charge. On an average wedding we spend about 30 hours preparing your images before you even see them. We want you to be thrilled with our results !

Do we get our negatives/digital files ?

Yes . . they are available, and included with some packages

How soon do we need to book ahead ?

Because we only shoot one wedding per weekend, you better book before someone else does :-)

Do you take credit cards ?

Yes . . . we can arrange credit card payments through Paypal. We send you a request for payment through Paypal and you then can give them your information through their secure payment site. You do not have to join or have an account at Paypal. It is really very simple.

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